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Winner Winner Hard Drive Dinner…

One of the supplier vendors I work with on many projects has a monthly-ish hard drive give away. All you have to do to enter is reply to the email and you are entered! So easy that it is silly not to enter. I can’t tell you how many times I have entered, probably 100.  Since they never post or email who wins each contest it starts to feel like a gimmick, but I can confirm that it is not a scam. For Valentine’s Day you could reply to the email and cc someone to win a drive along with you. I cc’d one of my co-workers and to my surprise the Monday after Valentine’s I got a call from the salesman I usually work with. We won!

Thanks IVB Media!



How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps!

This video is not only hilarious but also VERY true. Keep it up everybody! You will make it.

My Mantra

I have always heard people used this word… And I wanted to adopt one myself, but I always found it hard to stay focused on one for more than a few days. So I kind of ended up abandoning the thought. With my new diet plan and recent success I had been scribbling down words and thoughts of encouragement in my journal, but one that just kept coming up. It was so appropriate for so many different situations I kept finding myself. AND JUST LIKE THAT… I had a mantra.

Roller Rinking

roller skating date – and I was NERVOUS since I haven’t skated in at least 15 years, probably longer. The night was great… It took me a few to get my bearings, but before I knew it I was keeping up with Jason and really surprising myself. Now skating is something I want to really keep up and make a healthy hobby. So I have plans this weekend to go with one of my girlfriends. I have been actively looking into purchasing a pair of skates so I can save on the entrance fee to the rink. Eventually, I would like to move to a park or something, but one step at a time for now.

One year of date nights.

For one of my (many) New Years resolutions, aka goals,  is to make a vow to set aside time every week for my relationship. Last year was a year of challenges and I wanted to make sure this year Jason & I made the effort to enjoy each others company in other environments than our living room. I was skeptical when suggesting the idea to Jason that he wouldn’t go for it, but to my delight, he was very into the idea. There were only 3 rules I wanted to attach to this resolution and they are as follows:

  1. We would plan for Thursday every week, but re-schedule as needed.
  2. Jason & I would alternate on picking the evenings plans.
  3. The activity could be anything except sitting on the couch in our living room and watching TV.

Easy enough, right? We will see. Starting out slow and going out for a meal to focus on having a good conversation was the initial, but the eventual goal is to do more things we wouldn’t normally do. Be adventurous.

So far we have been on 3 dates and tonight is our 4th. I will do a brief run through on the first three dates on this post and then post weekly on further outings. This could be boring or it could be genius, who knows? What I do know is I have this blog and this will focus me on posting more regularly. Even if I assume people really don’t care what I’m doing enough to actually read a personal online diary.

Date 1: We had a late dinner at a restaurant we used to frequent because before we lived together this restaurant was the mid-way point between both our apartments.

Date 2: Steakhouse in our local area. We had both been craving steak so we decided to splurge. This place is Tiki themed and has a giant fish tank in the center of the dining room which ended up inspiring us.


Date 3: We went to a chain restaurant that we had a gift card that was given to us during the holidays. Might as well be thrifty date night! We also incorporated a nice long walk around the neighborhood of the restaurant after dinner. This helped us spend some quiet time together while getting in some very needed steps.Date 4: Next post…